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About JobRonto

Success of any business depends on its ability to attract, hire and retain talent. It is this core principle that is the foundation of our business.

JOB | noun: dʒɒ.b | regular work that a person does to earn money.
PRONTO | adverb: prɒn.təʊ | quickly and without delay.

JobRonto works on a basic principle of connecting the three dots: Corporates - who have open positions, Candidates - who are looking for jobs and Consultants - who are a mix of headhunters, recruiters or anyone else who’s in a position to recommend the best fit candidate in exchange for attractive rewards & referral fee.

Our main objective is to make the process of finding jobs or hiring candidates more cost effective, quick and reliable. The basic model of our platform is crowd sourcing best talent in the industry through referrals, social networking and personal recommendations by incentivising the referrer or source.


A simple sign up takes you to the dashboard where you can post your vacancies by filling up an easy form or use the built in parser to auto-fill the job description. For a better response, do mention the referral fee that you are willing to pay for quality references against your open positions.

After posting your job, you can even share the link to your internal employees or external candidates from your database, market or anyone else you feel can provide you with potential references.

Once your job is up with the specified referral fee, entire world is working to fill that vacant position for you and that too at a lightening speed.

You don’t have to use your recruitment budget in subscribing to expensive Job Portals or wasting time in setting up large talent acquisition teams. It even takes away the burden, to a large extent of managing recruitment consultants.


Anyone can register on the platform through mobile App or web. You can create your profile or just upload your resume and let the intelligent algorithms do the rest.

Unlike typical Job Portals which boost of millions of jobseekers on their platform, we only encourage and keep track of active candidates who are either available directly or through a strong reference.

You can keep track of open jobs in your dream company and can Self-Refer, Apply, Track and Earn referral fee for your own successful placement too. Why should anyone else be rewarded for your candidature!

If you are not interested for a specific job, you can always refer your friend or colleague who is looking for a change and in the process earn an attractive referral fee. Money can be directly credited to your bank account or mobile wallet.


JobRonto has a wide network of consultants who are eager to make a decent living using the platform’s business model through the gold mine of candidate referrals they are sitting on.

You can be a specialist head-hunter, recruitment firm or a freelancer. You can even be an internal employee or someone working in direct competition to the company, which has posted the job.

It doesn’t matter which part of the globe you are sitting in as long as you have a reference to give against an open position on the platform. You can easily refer and get paid in the currency of your choice. Only prerequisite, you must know and vouch for the referred candidate.

You don't have to be a panel vendor to serve some of the blue chip companies, you just need to sign up on JobRonto if you have the right fit candidates. Making money was never this simple!

How it Works?

Profile Management

Maintain your complete profile with us and avail the benefit of using all features of the platform. It’s easy to apply, refer and manage your jobs once you have your complete profile on the platform. Users can select the profile they want to use while applying/ posting.

You can use easy to navigate mobile app or use any complaint browser on the web.

Intelligent Parsers

Helps the users to create, manage and edit just with simple uploads. The Platform helps in reducing the time taken in filling up lengthy forms or defining keywords for shortlisting.

AI tools integrated into the platform manage the relevance/ matching of your profile.Thereby making the whole system 'easy to go'.

& Duplication Check

JobRonto makes use of NLP Engines to give shortlisted candidates as per the Jds posted thus reducing the time in screening and shortlisting. The built in algorithm avoids duplication. You can also easily approach the candidates who have applied before but are sitting passively.

Global Approach
& Multi Currency

JobRonto is a Global Platform. Users can be in any location of the world and can connect to the candidates/ Referrers across boundaries to fulfil the requirement. Users can also post/receive referal fee in the currency of their choice either directly in their bank account or mobile wallets.

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  • 1. No need to pay hefty sum for job portal subscription and get stuck with stale profiles.
  • 2. You can run parallel internal employee referral programs, attracting talent from professional - social platforms.
  • 3. Extend referral fee to external candidates, recruiters and hire from target organisations.
  • 4. Create sub-users for distributing work with internal team members
  • 5. Pick and choose the top recruiters on the platform you want to work with
  • 6. Payments/invoicing through the platform itself.
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  • 1. Candidates can use the intelligent search of the platform to browse jobs of their interest
  • 2. Apply directly to the companies and also make handsome reward as self referral.
  • 3. As a member of the platform, you can not only browse jobs/ apply for yourselves but also refer.
  • 4. Also refer from their social/professional network to pocket a cool referral money.
  • 5. Get direct feedbacks and track movement of their application status.
  • 6. Manage & Track your Interview Schedules, calendars and connection.
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  • 1. No need for separate empanelment with numerous clients in the market
  • 2. Shortlist and refer candidates from their social-professional network and connect with them on the go.
  • 3. Upload resume directly on the platform to check real time duplicity.
  • 4. Download reports and track progress.
  • 5. Can post jobs on behalf of their clients or open positions they are working on directly.
  • 6. Generate and submit invoice directly on the platform to the clients and manage payments.
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